Caring For Your Kawasaki Saddlebags

Whether you own a Vulcan or an Eliminator, you will probably agree that the Saddlebag is the most important accessory of a motorcycle.Accessories not only help motorcycle enthusiasts safely and securely store their belongings, but also they enhance the bike’s appearance.Caring for Kawasaki bags is important, as it helps to maintain their condition, as well as keep them functional for longer. This also helps keep their appearance. Bikes with saddlebags of poor quality leather or rusting metallic detail will make the bike look bad too.

Fiberglass and Leather

There are a number of things you need to do to care for your Kawasaki saddlebags. It all depends on the material used on the bike. Leather requires much more attention compared to fiberglass. Metallic details such as buckles and studs will also need your attention, since they can rust or lose their shine over time.

Fiberglass saddlebags do not need special attention to maintain them. Soap and water from time to time is enough, as long as grime and dirt is removed. If they have conspicuous buckles or metallic parts, they may need to be polished from time to time.

Taking care of leather can be broken down into 4 simple steps: Cleaning, conditioning, polishing, and moisture protection. Even though this may seem like a lot of work, it does not take a lot of time; also you do not need to do it frequently.



Cleaning involves using a damp cloth and cleaning solutions. Most experts discourage the use of detergents and laundry soap. These detergents can be harsh to some types of leather. Look for leather cleaner, which is effective, but will not ruin the leather over time. Do not use a lot of water. Limit the amount and only remove dirt with a damp cloth.

Conditioning Leather

Conditioning is done to prevent drying. Even though too much moisture will ruin the leather, if the leather is too dry it will crack. You do not need to do this frequently, unless your saddlebag is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight.You can find leather conditioners in the store you shop for your other household detergents and cleaners. Some people apply mink oil. However, the best conditioner to use is one specifically meant for leather.


In order to keep the saddlebags looking good and appealing, you need to polish them from time to time. You should ideally polish after cleaning. Conditioning is not always necessary before polishing, but you must remove dirt and grime with a damp cloth before you begin to polish.You may be tempted to use a lot of polish on your Kawasaki Saddlebags. However, you only need to apply an amount that is necessary to give it the shine that will make it look good. Too much polish will clog its pores and dry it up over time. A small amount of it is necessary to protect and give it the excellent shine.

Protecting the Saddlebag

The last step is to protect the leather. You need to protect the bag from excessive moisture by applying a water repellent solution. This solution is available in many stores. Another way to protect the saddlebags is to use water resistant covers. These prevent exposure to excess moisture, when it rains or snows.This is imperative for people who own bikes like the Kawasaki Vulcan, which they use for long trips. It is also important to do this often, if your bike is exposed to weather elements. Taking time to maintain your Kawasaki saddlebag is worth it, if you consider the benefits.


RST Trinity Boots – Women

Affordability in motorcycle gear can sometimes hint at sketchy components and dodgy manufacturing techniques. When pricing seems too good to be true, However, there are certain times when budgeted pricing meets dependable, quality production, but sometimes it can be difficult to find such a match. For female riders looking to add a bit of stability, comfort and styling to their casual riding, the RST Trinity boots offer a waterproof solution for varying temperatures. When the road is calling but nature shuns your presence, take a bold approach to your ride with these boots.

Constructed of a polyurethane leather material, the RST Trinity boots are a waterproof model first and foremost. The REISSA membrane helps protect the boot from dampened weather, allowing riders to continue the ride when weather turns sour. Though these boots offer premium breathability and ventilation in extreme heats, riders can take comfort in knowing that the RST Trinitys wear well even in low temperature conditions, too. Sometimes those long hauls can be quite unpredictable in terms of weather, therefore the Trinity boots make for an exceptional choice when in search for the total package.

The RST Trinity boots slip on very easily, securing with both a MAX zipper system and velcro feature. Shin guards are built into the boot itself, enabling female riders to wear their favorite pants on top or underneath the Trinitys without any interference or discomfort. A reinforced toe pad allows for easy gear shifting, a premium feature found among higher end boots. Additionally, this boot solution gives riders a lightweight, low-cut solution that’s comfortable both on the bike and off. You shouldn’t need to carry around an extra pair of shoes during every ride, even when your Trinitys have been drenched from a rainy day.

The sole of the RST Trinity is constructed of a vulcanized, rubber material, improving grip in both wet and dry conditions. Likewise, the mid-sole is reinforced with a steel shank, reducing twist and abrasion through its molded core. Female riders can feel safe on the pegs of cruisers, sport bikes and dual purpose motorcycles alike, although off-road conditions are not encouraged. However, you shouldn’t let its unwillingness to adapt to motocross situations discourage you from every other situation. The Trinity is a resilient boot for riders needing a bit more durability in their daily rides that non-weather protective boots simply cannot offer.

These are not racing boots by any stretch of the terminology, but riders can take solace in knowing that the Trinity is a budgeted, casual riding boot that excels when it’s least expected. Ankle support is very minimum for dramatic weight distribution changes, but the RST Trinity is still a contending option for those casual day rides. Priced very low for budget-conscious riders, the Trinity boots are great for entry-level motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a bit more protection and stability that a standard boot.

SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Boot

Aside from a dependable full-face, off-road boots are an essential piece of gear for any rider. Send me out to the track in my childhood race jersey and jeans, because as long as my boots feel comfortable and protect my feet, I’m good to go. You certainly have no business on a track without the proper riding gear from head to toe, so why on Earth would an expensive boot be favored over a worn and torn jersey from the 80s? It’s quite simple: a high-end boot offers riders more features, better protection and most importantly, more control than a cheap, ill-designed boot. With a firm position in the professional racing world from dirt to road, SIDI exemplifies the high-end boot market. Their latest addition to the 2013 lineup is the Crossfire 2 SRS boot, and it certainly lives up to the name that precedes it.

Constructed of SIDI’s well-known Technomicro material with plastic molding on the exterior, the Crossfire 2 gives rider’s maximum protection and flexability in one powerful boot. The shining feature in SIDI’s new off-road boots comes with its Dual Flex System, a separating upper component from the bottom portion to improve control over the bike. This equates to better feel of the pegs and the bike itself, whether deep in a rut or blasting through a straightaway, because the boot itself is split into two components. Additionally, the upper area features a large, adjustable buckle at the ankle to help dial in the perfect fit no matter the rider. An adjustable calf plate lets riders more finely tune the sizing to better fit the individual. In short, your foot isn’t going anywhere, and it feels great doing so!

So just how durable is the Crossfire 2 compared with less expensive alternatives? Like any high-end boot, gear lifespan is extremely important to SIDI, and I can assure you that it is not overlooked here. To ensure maximum durability, the inside of the boot features replaceable guards when the bike’s kick-starter and pegs work its damage on the boot. Additionally, the rear, bottom heal piece is coated in reinforced plastic, minimizing twist and reducing shock for riders. To reduce weight and create a bit of air flow, the plastic toe piece is ventilated to offer riders a bit more comfort when it’s most needed.

Although SIDI made certain that the Crossfire 2’s construction was tough enough to withstand harsh abuse and durability, it doesn’t come without a few setbacks. Because the buckle system is complex, ensuring maximum stability and comfort, the Crossfire 2 SRS boot requires a little bit of extra effort and time compared with lower-end models. However, this type of issue is completely minor and tolerable when you’re on the bike for a full day of riding. If you’re a lower skilled rider, load up the dirt bike once a month and plan on giving up riding in the foreseeable future, go ahead and pick up those lower-end boots.

SixSixOne Flight Boots

Motocross itself has changed dramatically over the last few decades since its initial inception, and both bike and rider gear technology have conquered amazing feats in such a short time. Strapping into boots used to be a chore itself, and the options were embarrassingly slim. In the modern era, though, boots have taken on a new life in comfort, control and aesthetics. Riders can not only accomplish more on the pegs than ever before, but they can look great doing so. SixSixOne, a manufacturing company specific to two-wheeled, off-road enthusiasts, recently introduced their Flight boots for riders. Priced a bit higher but designed and styled for the racing enthusiast in mind, riders will understand why they paid more the moment they strap in and hit the gates.

While SixSixOne paid close attention to the ventilation of the Flights in order to ensure a comfortable ride, thermal protection was also included for those cold weather months. Twin heat shields constructed of a poly-synthetic material ensure riders are protected from the natural elements, no matter what is tossed their way. Strap into the boot with a buckle and ratchet system, built with aluminum and nylon, respectively. Of course, the nylon straps are fully adjustable to dial in that perfect fit, no matter how toned your calf and ankle muscles.

A steel shank and adjacent heal plate are fitted perfectly into the sole of the Flights, creating a durable exterior that cheaper models just cannot compare. Additionally, the rubberized boot cuff on the upper section of the Flights conform to a perfected fit, sealing riders’ legs without sacrificing comfort. An exterior ankle support provides essential lateral mobility, so despite rigid construction, riders can move on the pegs much more easily than less intuitive models.

There are no immediate drawbacks for the SixSixOne Flight boots, especially since this is the company’s flagship model. A lighter weight design helps performance-minded riders choose over more affordable options, making this a no-brainer if competition is the main objective. In fact, one of the boot’s best features is it resilience to mud and other harmful elements found on the track. Kick around on the track for a few hours, and your pearl white Flights will look like they’ve been all over the world and back. Give them a quick rinse and you’ll be surprised to see how quick that white restores to its original beauty.

Although it’s a bit on the higher-end side of the price spectrum, the Flights are clearly in a league of their own. CE certified and available in sizes 6 through 12, dedicated riders simply cannot find a better motocross boot solution for the price. The Flight’s colorway options are just white/black or black/white, so don’t expect to wow your competitors with a brightly colored boot as you scream past their stalled bikes. However, just about every other design aspect of this boot is exceptional, making it a tough solution for today’s am

Scorpion Hellina Pant

American motorcycle clothing company Scorpion exists to provide riders a stylish way to remain comfortable and fully in control of their bike. The brand’s line of helmets, jackets, pants and other clothing competes with some of the best riding manufacturing gear companies on the road, but prices are geared more toward the budget-friendly consumer. The Scorpion Hellina pants are designed specifically for female riders, and buyers will appreciate the company’s inclusion of both stylish lines and comfortable features into one great product.

The exterior of the Scorpion Hellina pants is constructed of a durable 600 outer shell, resilient to some weather elements and road abrasions. The constructed material will eventually give way to tear if worked hard enough, but the daily commute shouldn’t hinder the pants’ ability to provide you maximum protection. This isn’t a great choice for off-road usage, but the average rider will find great use in the Hellina pants. Like most Scorpion gear products, the Hellina pants come stuffed with Exo-Tec technology, specifically knee armor for extra protection during sensitive collisions. But the protection doesn’t stop at just extra hip padding or knee armor, because Scorpion has included their own system of reflective stripping to alarm night drivers of the rider’s presence.

Riders can stay a bit dryer during wet conditions, as the Hellina comes packed with a waterproo, seem-sealed membrane to ensure a safe ride. Zippered knee vents are included on each of the legs, although there seems to be a bit of trouble when quickly moving this zipper up and down. However, it shouldn’t be a growing concern for consumers, because the knee vents work rather well when opened to provide maximum airflow when it’s needed most. Wind drag is minimized thanks in part to dual tension straps inside each of the legs, as well.

More importantly than all, the Scorpion Hellina pants conform to the natural shape of a woman’s body in an exceptionally comfortable way. Because this is a female-specific riding pant, Scorpion has dialed in the natural movement of a woman’s body while positioned firmly atop the saddle. Flexibility is possible thanks to the material construction itself, but the pants are designed to keep riders warm or cooled, depending on the outside temperature. Additionally, Scorpion’s own EverHeat system is included to improve thermal heating when conditions get downright nasty during the colder seasons.

While the Hellina pants are certainly attractive and priced accordingly, riders will appreciate Scorpion’s intuitive forethought to include some exceptional protective features without carrying over larger price points. The pants are only available in black but come in a variety of sizes to best suit your dimensions, and an adjustable dual waist feature gives you an easier way to form fit the Hellina pants to your body. Overall, the Hellina pants make an attractive selection no matter which way you slice it, and you’ll be riding longer and looking great through miles of paved road.